Day Trips

Not every day can be part of a big trip or grand adventure, so we also embrace the opportunities for outings that may be shorter but are just as pleasant. Jenny and I took advantage of a very generous offer from a member of our congregation–he goes to the temple one Saturday each month and always tries to fill up his car with other people who want to make a temple trip. Another generous family didn’t bat an eyelash when we asked them if they could take care of Elena and Roman. When the day arrived, we left early in the morning and headed out. The drive was lovely, it was very nice to have some time without the children, and our time at the temple was spiritual and enlightening.

Now that schoolchildren, including Elena, are out on their six-week summer break, many parents are trying to find fun, kid-friendly activities. Some people from church have decided to put together a weekly activity, and promise to help arrange rides for people like us who don’t have a car. The first activity was a visit to a farm and petting zoo. When they first arrived Jenny had Roman strapped into the stroller, but she could see that he wanted to get the full experience, so she let him out. He loved standing at the edges of the pens, holding onto the fencing so he could peer in at the animals. Elena got to spend even more time with the animals, and even helped to brush down one of the pigs. For her the overall experience bordered on sensory overload, but in the evening she told me how much fun she had.


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