Happy Birthday Roman!

In his first eight days of his life Roman lived through an earthquake and a hurricane. With such an exciting beginning to things, we should have predicted a first year full of all kinds of adventure and excitement. In fact, it included:

  • Being born and living in Maryland,
  • Living in Washington State,
  • Living in England,
  • Visiting Portland, Seattle, and London,
  • Learning to sleep in his Pack-n-Play–all night long,
  • Traveling to France,
  • Attending the Henley Royal Regatta, the Tour de France, and the London 2012 Olympics.

Recently, he has

  • Learned to sign “more,” “food,” “all done,” and “water,”
  • Become a walker instead of a cralwer,
  • Started to wave hello and goodbye,
  • Had his lower front teeth come in,
  • Showed his love for ice cream, ducks, and anything that resembles a ball,
  • And demonstrated that he knows how cute he is!

Roman is social and likes to engage others with his smiles and inquisitive eyes. He loves his big sister Elena–and anything she is playing with. For all the trouble we had getting him to sleep during the first nine months of his life, a mom who was watching him for us one afternoon recently said she had never known a baby to go down for a nap so easily. It’s been a crazy year and there were certainly some days (and nights!) that were hard to get through. But, here we are, with this little boy who is happy and loving learning more every day! We love you Roman! Happy Birthday!


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  1. Yay! You never told me he was finally sleeping through the night in his pack n play. Hooray! Guess he just likes the England time zone better. 🙂

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