Back to School

Elena started back at preschool, although here it’s called nursery, the first week in September after the six week summer holiday. She was so excited to go, she asked me every morning the week leading up to the first day if that was the day she got to go to preschool. She has decided to wear dresses to school every day that she goes, which is usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There are several other girls there that I frequently see in dresses, so I think that has influenced her current fashion. We’ll see if she stick to it as the weather is starting to turn quite chilly!

She still loves school. Her teachers have commented how uncommon it is to integrate right back in after being gone for the summer break and other holidays we’ve been away on. With the start of the new school year there has been one sad aspect of preschool: several of her friends that were a year older have gone to start real school, called reception, which they start attending here at age four. She had one friend, Sam, in particular that she spoke about all summer and when she went back, she learned that he was off to reception. But there are lots of kids to be friends with and she seems to like everyone, both children and adults!


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