March in Review

It seems like we’ve been jumping from one holiday or celebration to the next, with barely any time to clean up from one and get ready for the next. Jenny has been experimenting with theme dinners and Elena really enjoys getting ready for special days, so I guess I’m the only one who has been feeling any celebration overload.

For our seventh anniversary, Jenny had an idea for something special. Instead of eating our dinner with Elena and Roman, we just had appetizers–shrimp cocktail and a vegetable tray. I’m sure Jenny envisoned a peaceful evening and an early bedtime for the children, but that wasn’t the way things played out. It was my turn to tuck them in and Jenny wanted to finish fixing our dinner while I was doing that, but Roman decided to be contrary and fight vigorously for his desire to be tucked in by his mommy. He was so angry and loud that Elena started crying too, which rarely happens. Even with my best and most patient effort, I made no progress calming them and Jenny had to intervene. After sorting them out, she finished making dinner, because she is the best wife and mother ever. Eventually, we got to enjoy the fruits of her labor: pan-fried steak with couscous and root beer. We don’t have steak often, but Jenny had called her dad for advice and the results were great. I enjoy occasionally going out for dinner without the kids, but there was something special about enjoying a quiet meal alone together at our own table. It was the perfect way to observe our anniversary, especially since we finished it off with chocolate coated marshmallows, Oreos, and strawberries. Our anniversary evening was really just one part of a month-long celebration, during which Jenny and I went on a date every week. I didn’t really figure this out until the end of the month when Jenny told me how proud she was of our accomplishment.

Less than a week later was St. Patrick’s Day, which has always been one of my favorites because it coincides with my half birthday. We all wore green to church, although the thin green stripes on my tie were probably too subtle for Elena. Jenny made corned beef and cabbage for dinner, which we supplemented with green jello and green juice. Elena and I made the dessert–green Rice Krispie Treats. Less than a week later, we had the first of two Easter celebrations, but that deserves its own post. By the time April Fool’s day rolled around, I apparently had nothing in reserve. Well, I did do a little something at work that hardly anybody noticed, but I didn’t try to prank Elena. Maybe next year, when Elena is five, she’ll appreciate a good April Fools-ing. I should start to prepare now.


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