Happy Birthday Roman!

This year for Roman’s birthday I was determined to have a party! It was really the first time in our childrens’ lives that we’ve been in a living situation that would allow us to host a significant number of guests, and we were excited to have a big social event.

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The main entertainment was a bouncy castle that just barely fit in our front yard. We offered a simple lunch of hot dogs, watermelon, and assorted side dishes to satisfy both children and adults. I had every intention of decorating, but in the end we just blew up a big bag of balloons and let them scatter throughout the house, which was perfect–two-year-olds don’t have high expectations! We had several friends and their families over and had a wonderful time chatting and eating. Roman had a great time at the party, and after the guests left he got some more solo time on the bouncy castle before it was picked up.

On his actual birthday, the following Monday, we had another chance to celebrate. I had people over at our house for a Visiting Teaching activity. The grown-ups, all mommies, had manicures and pedicures. It was perfect, because the kids had so much fun playing together, and we still had lots of food that I had stockpiled for the party but hadn’t needed, so we had plenty for lunch. Several of the little girls had their nails painted and after one girl got up, Roman saw his chance and jumped right in the chair for his turn. We didn’t want to disappoint him on his birthday, so we helped him pick out a lovely green, which he loved!

In the evening we had another round of opening presents, these ones from family, and ate the last of the birthday cake. It was a wonderful way for Roman to commemorate being years old. We love you, Roman!


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