Waiting for Baby: Summer 2008-July 2009
Near the beginning of the summer in 2008, we discovered that we were pregnant.   I started this blog because I wanted to keep track of what we did and how things were.  I thought that someday our little girl would read about what life was like for her mom and dad when she had not yet arrived.  During this time, we hoped that our friends and family might enjoy reading about our preparation and make helpful suggestions. Before we revealed Elena’s name, she went by the moniker of Sunflower.

Elena was born in February of 2009, so we weren’t waiting for her anymore, but the blog’s title didn’t change until several months later. I got to know her very well in those months, because Jenny went back to work at the end of her maternity leave, and I became a full-time parent for the summer.

Paren(t)hesis: August 2009-December 2010
I left Elena in Jenny’s much-more-capable hands while I returned to my studies, with the goal of earning a Ph.D. by writing a dissertation. I can’t quite figure out how, but I managed to do it. At the same time, we continued to have fun with Elena as she grew from infant to toddler. After completing my studies, we moved to the east coast to pursue job opportunities.

The Number Field: January 2011-Present
A new look and new title for the blog commemorate the life changes of a completed degree and new location. More changes are coming in 2011, as we settle into a new rhythm of life, meeting new people and making friends, while being closer to our family.


2 responses to “History

  1. miscellaneoussoapbox

    I don’t normally shop the Fastest Growing list, but with a title like “Paren(t)thesis”, well, you pretty well have to check that out. As clever a name as one could hope for. Best of fortune with the baby–or best of statistical probability, if you like. We now have four, which seriously erodes blog time!

  2. domesticscene

    Ditto, great Blog Name! Especially coming up with that wee gem while brewing your own wee gem. Best of luck with the journey and feel free to check out my various baby tips and goings on in our Domesticscene (with a 2 year old and 1 year old twins)…http://domesticscene.wordpress.com/

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